Mark your calendars!! This years BIG event is now getting close…

Chapel students (and teachers) from near and far, from any class – join in for the European Reunion of 2015


Visit Portugal in 2015, for the European Chapel Reunion

in Cascais 24 – 26 July 2015.

Lots of Activities are planned, but in order to join, please sign up. Information on the page ‘Activities’

Go to the page “Accomodation” for more information on hotels. Many have already signed up for the Baía, but there are plenty of options.

Welcome to the website. We are trying to update will details and information, so just check in from time to time, so see what’s new.  (News-tab in left hand menu) .Please let me know if you think there is anything missing, or if you want to add something.

The event has a Facebook-page, but we are aware that not everyone is on FB, so please help share this invitation with anyone you know, that might want to join the reunion, and reconnect with Chapel-friends. Send e-mails and call friends, so we can get as many of us together as possible.

How do I attend? How do I sign up for this event? Go to the page “Who is coming?” and follow the instructions.

To make this reunion a great one, it takes first of all many people joining. In order to start planning this event, it would be really helpful if you could respond to this poll:

If you are definitely joining, go to the tab “Who’s coming?” (left menu) to sign up.

The reunion in Miami 2013 was so much fun! We want the next reunion to be equally unforgettable. Chapel at fogo do chao


15 thoughts on “Start”

  1. Count on me – I’ll be there! Don’t want to miss yet another edition of a Chapel meeting and this time it’s close to home!! Hope to see loads of you there!!!! 🙂

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